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Argh U Mad!?!

Jun 28, 2021

Season 3 Finale!! Music by Derrick T. Lewis "Every Second"  Nikole recaps on the last episode for the season in sharing a full YouTube video! Go to

Jun 21, 2021

Music by Derrick T. Lewis song title "Every Second" In this week's episode Nikole pays homage to the fathers along with her father and father figures. Nikole also takes a moment to acknowledge Ghana denying Switzerland of the country's natural resource, cocoa . Nikole also shares her personal experience of the awkward...

Jun 14, 2021

Nikole reviews a critical review article that blows her mind. #codependency Music by @kwameadu__ and the producer is @suprchnk Song title "Fist Fight".

Right now I am reading an eye opening critical review article entitled "Co-Dependency: A Critical Review"
written  by Melanie Hands and Greg Dear
They're stating of the...

Jun 7, 2021

Nikole Learns about "the 3rd mask." Music by @kwameadu__ and produced by @suprchnk Titled #FistFight

First of all we thank our Lord and Savior for opening our
eyes to knowledge
knowledge of a world unknown to many but a few
the powers that be
we are thankful for the collective conscious that continues to
keep the...