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Argh U Mad!?!

May 14, 2023

The Mens Viewpoint has been placed on hold this week in observance of Mothers day. Tap into how you can gain access on more exclusive content, like the Mother's Day Guided Meditation for the Motherless,  Be sure to become a

Apr 11, 2023

Enjoy's this week's second episode from our New Men's Viewpoint Series. Learn more from the fellas. First up is the Shortman, aka The Shortest Giant You'll Ever Meet" podcast clips of DITD; AD provided by Marz Entertainment.

Part 2 included behind-the-scenes and bonus behind-the-scenes for your entertainment purposes. 

Jun 20, 2022

Nikole has a recap on all of Season 5

Jun 13, 2022

Nikole discusses intentions and how our intentions can be affected when we do not heal our inner chid

May 16, 2022

Nikole invites her collective family onto this week's episode to discuss the effects of the retrograde plus more enticing topics. Meet "Thee 7" for the first time. This week you're introduced to 5 out of the 7, stay tuned for more!