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Argh U Mad!?!

Jan 17, 2022

Nikole wraps up Season 4 of the podcast with a personal touch in paying a tribute to her late mom. Happy Heavenly Birthday Mommy!

Jan 11, 2022

Here's pt 2 of Ms Marilyn speaking her "Naked Truth"! She explains why she did not need to embarrass anyone to get her point across. Feel her powerful words in this week's message. I hope you are touched by the message as much as I was.

Jan 3, 2022

 Music  by L.A. Brickz song titled "Trap Jumpin" in this week's episode we were able to speak with the now-viral Ms Marilyn McCamey from the  Kendra G "Singles On" show, which airs on IG LIVE. Ms Marilyn has come on the podcast to speak her truth! Listen in as this mom of a 22-year-old gave her reasons as to why she...

Nov 22, 2021

The original version of "Jesse's Girl" edited audio track was deleted by error. This is an impromptu message from Nikole the Host. The (unedited)  video version of Jesse's girl is available ONLY available on Patreon. 

Nov 8, 2021

Listen in to our first live stream recording. Access to the full video is available on our Patreon page. Look us up, and happy listening.